Located on a hill in the middle of a valley and close to the Sierra de Valdemeca mountain range, Valdemeca is in the core of the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park.
Due to the reduced population of the town and its lonely and magical streets, where rarely a vehicle goes by, Valdemeca is a peace paradise.

Valdemeca could hardly have a better position for tourism. It is between Valencia and Madrid, and it is at only about 60 km from Cuenca and Albarracín, so it is in a privileged position for visiting the main tourist and cultural attractions in the area:

  • Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park and its Centros de Interpretación (learning centers for tourists) about fauna, flora, Micology, ancient handcraft activities...
  • Patron saint church and its baptismal font from the 11th century.
  • Ciudad Encantada (strange rock formations).
  • Three river sources: Tagus, Júcar and Cuervo.
  • Alto Tajo Natural Park (Tagus source natural park)
  • Parque cinegético El Hosquillo (hunting reserve).
  • The thousand-year-old junipers of Tierramuerta (a nearby place).
  • Solán de Cabras town spa.
  • You can also practice activities such as trekking, mountain bike riding, hunting, fishing... but, without any doubt, the most interesting activity you can do in the area is the mushroom picking.
    The cottage's staff is always available to advice customers about these activities or guide them.